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We approached this project with the intent to give context and clarity. The focus was placed on the narrative that the coral reef is an ecosystem, just like the cities we all live in. We approached this concept from the perspective of a new user who may be unaware of the current conservation efforts. We wanted to instill excitement by creating a friendly competition amongst different cities using an AR ocean environment, set at select locations within major cities. This could bring the ocean and coral reef closer to users while giving them the incentive to participate. The Photoshop Camera filters chosen by users would be represented as the AR environment grows, giving them the ability to see their contribution as part of something bigger. Once the selfie is signed using Adobe Sign, the user can share the image across popular social media platforms to further spread the message. Created in collaboration with Steven Tran and Giselle Nowlan.

Problem Statement

How might we envision a mobile solution that could enable people around the world to show their support for ocean protection and climate action using Adobe's new Photoshop camera app?

Outcome Goal

Create a mobile application that encourages people to engage with ocean conservation through the Photoshop camera app.



Initially, we conducted rapid brainstorming put all of our idea on paper due to the project's tight one-week timeline. From here we refined our ideas into one cohesive story that we wanted to tell the target audience of young adults. Using these story we created a first sketch of the wireframes that we used to develop the prototype.

Rapid prototyping
Basic wireframe sketches

Rapid Prototyping

After we determined the story we wanted to create we developed the prototype using AdobeXD. Initially, we created the prototype using basic components and placeholder text to allow for the copy to be written and the artist to create the assets. As the material came in we updated the prototype and iterated.

Prototype creation



After submitting the project to the Adobe Jams team we were asked to presented it to the Ocean agency stakeholders. Below is the story portion of the prototype.

See me now story



The Ocean Agency stakeholders believed that our prototype provided the best solution to the problem. As a result out prototype was awarded first place in the competition.


Understand the target audience.

One of the keys to our success was developing an understanding of our audience to create a solution that is directed towards them.